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Practical Pizzazz

Goff Courtney | Sustainable Fashion | Upcycled Fashion

Final Flourish

Embrace function, form and fashion with our tailored ‘popover’ scarves, aprons, bibs and belts. 

Conversation starters – namely redefined cravats and ties into easy embellishment pieces. 

Goff Courtney | Sustainable Fashion | Upcycled Fashion
Flexible, timeless, ethical pieces – for changeable climes, lifestyles – and waistlines!
Redefining preowned/unsold clothing items – into gender | size | age-defiant sartorial solutions. 

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Established on the belief that garments can have more than one life – GOFF COURTNEY upcycles and transforms heritage pieces – aka tailoring and utility wear – into accessories and hybrid tops… 
Jacket Apron, Tweed 1a + Cardigan Jacket.jpg
Personal Rebellion - With boundaries
blurring between formal and casual, town and country, home and office…

GOFF COURTNEY is about redefined pieces – blending tailoring, outerwear and knitwear – as the perfect armour for modern living.
Goff Courtney | Sustainable Fashion | Upcycled Fashion
“These pieces are super - so adaptable and seductive. Karl Lagerfeld spoke to me of great clothes becoming 'classics in the wardrobe'  - immune to fashion. These are in the same vein… the ‘Scarf-Gillet’ becoming the company signature.” 

- ROBIN DUTT, sartorial stylist & critic
Challenging traditional notions about gender and a certain size being fashionable, GOFF COURTNEY designs are inclusive and empowering, making people feel strong, individual and part of something…


Wavelength: clothing, collabs and commentary… What we can’t express in words we express in our clothes. Here you will find a distillation of pieces to wear – and read!
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