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Practical and warming, hoods are a sartorial staple of the modern age. Far removed from the sweatshirt hoodie – by covering the hair, a hood adds refined sleekness, its minimalist form simplifying the silhouette, while adding an edgy vibe and softness to tailoring.

Goff Courtney hooded bibs (see Archive)

Mark Zuckerberg wears a hooded top to differentiate himself from being a suit. Perish the thought!

A slew of hooded looks recently cloaked the red carpet – from hooded dresses to tops and scarves – adopting a hood will have you covered!


Hands-Free Alternative to the Brolly

Hoods can function indoor to outdoor through all our weather variations' - please add: 'as depicted in the Weekend Financial Times recently

Protecting you when the weather turns – forget battling against the elements under an umbrella – the portable canopies don’t cope too well with wind (or sideways rain!) and pavement umbrella jostling is no fun.

Hoods also provide an extra bit of insulation… and a cunning way to circumnavigate hat hair! Furthermore, worn on your person (tied round your neck or wrist) – there’s no danger of losing it. Win-win!


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