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A cape symbolises heroism, virtue and courage… and also conveys power, authority and elegance – as depicted in these images…

Worn draped over the shoulders, a cape adds a striking cover-up minus the constriction of sleeves. Not to mention some super-hero gravitas - who can resist that?!

Capes are prevalent in popular culture – when we imagine a mythical superhero, we picture them wearing a cape as they swoop in to save the day

Capes have been around since at least the 11th century, originally used as protection against weather conditions or during battle. The cape has since evolved to become a fashion staple, constantly reimagined, yet remaining truly timeless.

We also love the cape’s smaller cousin – the capelet. The mini cover-up, draped over the shoulders, provides a light layer, its sculptural form adding a dramatic dimension to an outfit.


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