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GOFF COURTNEY’s founder was invited to speak at the Design Council’s Design for Planet event which took place at Morris & Co’s architects studio in Hackney, East London.

Goff Courtney at the Design Council’s Design for Planet

The informal, low-key event is essentially an ideas exchange network. Each speaker covers a topic for five minutes that is considered relevant to the audience, with a Q&A session afterwards. 

It’s a way to share conscious projects, methodology and innovations to the broader design community and the Design Council hopes it also encourages cross-industry collaborations.

Showing a selection of pieces from our collection, Yvonne Goff Courtney explained the label’s concept and mission. 

"We don’t tend to make loud announcements about sustainability because giving new life to existing pieces, means GOFF COURTNEY’s ‘green’ credentials are a given – which one could argue is more radical than most!"


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