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A cluster of happenings coinciding with the City of London’s Bartholomew Fair

Cloth Fair x Goff Courtney

The City of London’s Bartholomew Fair was established in Smithfield in 1133 as a materials trading event/pleasure fair– hence the origin of the location’s name: Cloth Fair.

Given the area’s textiles heritage, what better place for GOFF COURTNEY to hold our debut, somewhat impromptu popup?! Made possible, thanks to the generosity of a local councillor and situated a stone’s throw from where our founder’s grandfather ran his outerwear business near St Paul’s. 

Our redefined ‘popovers’ – aka scarves, gilets, textile necklaces and aprons – turned out to be the perfect introduction and were an instant hit! As was the shop – the only one on the street! The positive feedback was extremely heartening.

As was joining forces with nearby architecture/design gallery – whose owner, David Rosenberg looks mighty fine in our Shell Bolero (photo below, right).

It was also great to be part of the fringe events which celebrated 900th anniversary by reviving two traditions that originated at St Bart’s in the middle ages: ribbon-cutting and the disputation (forerunner of parliamentary debates) – with a special ribbon designed by Damien Hirst for the City’s Lord Mayor to cut as the opening ceremony and a lively debate around the proposition: ’This House Believes the Love of Money is the Root of the Nation’s Evils’. (Lost, due to MP Michael Gove’s compelling delivery of his argument against the motion!) A fun night that really brought the local community together.


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