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Clothes can have a big control over people. We feel huge guilt when it comes to getting rid of things for all sorts of reasons. An item may have cost a lot of money, or perhaps was a gift and donating it to charity feels like a betrayal.

Another issue is that while people’s jobs and hobbies change over the years, the clothes they no longer wear still linger in their wardrobe. Facing up to a change in body shape is also hard. Sometimes it can be the memories of occasions that people cherish, rather than the actual items. All of this can greatly affect your wellbeing.

With a wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing you want to wear – previously you might have thrown money at the problem. But the thought of filling your cupboards with yet more clothes which become sale tat within a year, is increasingly unappealing. The environmental cost of fast fashion has also taken some of the joy out of of shopping.

Your unworn clothes might not be unappealing. They might simply look tired or have become a bit tight. Favourite items are relegated to the back of the cupboard with the hope they will be worn one day…

Yet going through your wardrobe can make you rethink the clothes you haven’t worn for a long time or perhaps forgotten you even had. Looking at your clothes in different ways or considering revamping them can be hugely uplifting.

Giving something you treasure but no longer wear a new lease of life has to the best fashion fix of all. Not to mention the feel-good factor of turning something into an original item that no-one else will be wearing. Forget up-cycling, this is reinventing, repurposing, recuperating. What are you waiting for?!


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