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The scarf has the potential to become an increasingly integral part of everyday attire – in today’s quest for ‘flexi-dressing’.

Maximising its true potential, GOFF COURTNEY's ‘spliced and diced’ scarves and aprons are created by distilling jackets, blazers and country tweeds into more wearable and comfortable tailoring.

The beauty of the scarf is that anyone can wear one, ideally with a bit of panache to carry it off – nonchalance is key! Its versatility wasn’t lost on the scarf’s original adopter – Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt – who was partial to wrapping a woven scarf under her jewelled headpieces.

Our hybrid scarves sharpen the most relaxed outfits, adding contrasting structure and textures. Some designs also provide a layer of modesty, protection and storage (hoods and pockets) – eliminating the need to carry brollies and bags!

Redefining the scarf for modern living, our one-off designs tick the boxes for their multi-generation, size and gender-free appeal. Straddling the changing seasons, they are set to be the reliable go-to items in your wardrobe.

Adopting our signature hybrid style, the functional scarves made from repurposed and upcycled garments encapsulate our brand’s timeless aesthetic and sustainable approach.



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