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The Lord Mayor and City of London Corporation's CultureMile programme initiated a Culture & Commerce Taskforce with leading figures to explore ways to support creative businesses during the pandemic.

Following a series of roundtables, a report showcased a series of commissioned artworks – including one by GOFF COURTNEY’s founding director, who had been invited to participate in one of the roundtable discussions and laters commissioned to create an artwork (with another design showing the creative process) – around the theme of ‘acceleration’.

Acceleration spells speed, change and optimism! Taking our ‘hybrid' approach, juxtaposing different components, textures and graphics, our initial ‘creative process content’ image features a stock chart, FTSE indices and abstract skyline, alongside a tartan swatch, shop display of zips and a GOFF COURTNEY tweed-knit Cardi-Cape.

This evolved into the ‘Acceleration’ artwork, which features a dynamic zip stock arrow, soaring up into the future, a tartan skyline, abstractly evoking the City’s shiny steel and glass office towers, and a punk-graffiti underbelly, representing the creative and cultural force that runs through the capital.


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