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Leggings used to get a bad rap, but it’s now acceptable to wear them at any time of day, regardless of whether you plan to hit the gym. Trust us, stick on some leggings and the world will think you’re a go-getter and in control.

This is causing a dramatic shift in clothing retail: sales of denim are down, leggings sales are up. After all, jeans have become such a minefield: so many different cuts and washes, and if you’re not in the most svelte phase of your life, they feel so unforgiving. Our founder doesn’t own a single pair

COLLAGELONDON focuses on ‘waist-up wear’ (conceived long before the ‘Zoom wear’ culture!) – because this is where you make the most impact. What better than contrasting statement tops with something giving and comfortable ‘below’?

Wearing leggings has benefits beyond practicality – they can make you feel strong and ready for anything. The key is to not wear them with other sportswear items or trainers. Instead, mix with ‘civilised’ footwear and tailored items, such as a COLLAGELONDON piece, and you’ll never wear anything else!


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