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What we wear at home speaks volumes about us. ‘Slobdom’ inevitably loses its allure… it can suddenly feel wrong to be a sartorial blot on the domestic landscape. It’s time to up your game.

Combining comfort with glamour is a skill that comes with age – as the older one gets, the more important comfort becomes. Yet comfort and style are not mutually exclusive – we all know that if you don’t feel comfortable, you automatically lose it in the style stakes.

Enveloping yourself in a little bit of luxury, such as super soft wool – is as good a mood-lifter as any endorphin-inducing glass of Malbec or Netflix binge. At GOFF COURTNEY, we have long advocated ‘soft tailoring’ – think oversized sweaters and cardigans with dramatic blouse sleeves or distinctive shirting details. Giving the wearer the height of WFH screen-style audacity.

With Zoom calls and web-conferences replacing coffee-meets and desk-side catch-ups (more’s the pity) – ‘impresswear’ will increasingly become a head and shoulders affair. So if it’s all about the waist up – go bold: supersized sleeves, statement tops, eye-catching jewellery… Why not use this time to trial those pieces you’ve never quite mustered the confidence to give a spin IRL. We dare you!


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