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One of the greatest pleasures, not to mention freedoms we have is the gift of sartorial reinvention.

Such choices which we should all exploit more!

Opting for different looks each day… it could be tartan or tweeds, sequins or ruffles – these all serve to convey different versions of oneself.

Having so many options can feel overwhelming. It isn’t always easy to work out who you are when it comes to what you wear.

There is the fear of being scrutinised or judged for getting it “right” or “wrong”. This stems from worrying far too much about what other people think.

There can be other disconnects too; sometimes what suits an idea of yourself in your head doesn’t always tally with physical reality!

But you should go ahead and wear it anyway. As the idea we have of ourselves in our head is what’s most important.

Above all, use clothes to empower and embolden, and watch how you fly.


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