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Goff Courtney has been a responsible clothing venture from the get-go: sustainability is the crux of our business, by dint of our approach to deconstruct and reconstruct existing garments.


Repurposing clothing components, fastenings and trimmings contributes towards a circular economy and a society which values the nature and welfare of our planet and its people.


Sourcing unsold stock from UK fashion brands, vintage suppliers and charities – Goff Courtney is focused on re-purposing pieces; boosting their quality and relevance, with unique hybrid solutions that serve today’s flexible lifestyles and people who are more about attitude than age.


Most of our pieces are [re]made of materials including wool, tweeds, down (quilted) and leather, because of their quality, longevity and the fact they require little water and energy use in caring for them.


Sustainability starts with our creating products that are modern classics, with a nod to distinctive British fashion/street sub-cultures. While some designs symbiotically tap into certain trends, for the pieces we [re]create, design, quality, function and materials are our starting point.


To reduce waste, packaging is kept to a minimum, thanks to re-usable garment carriers rather than carrier bags.


With care, garments can last longer and reduce their environmental impact: by washing your clothes less (spot clean, where possible), use low temperatures (30º), avoid tumble drying, iron less (by hanging items to dry), dry clean when absolutely necessary (preferably an eco-friendly service), and repairing and keeping your garments.


We hope you will cherish your Goff Courtney purchases for a long long time, however if the time comes when you decide to part ways, consider gifting, swapping or listing on an online resale platform.

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