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Collection Viewing


Based in the City of London, a stone’s throw from Leadenhall Market, if you would like to view our collection, see and touch the fabrics and try on a few pieces in private, drop us a line and we can arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

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Request a clothing clinic consultation


If there are clothes gathering dust in your wardrobe which you would love to reboot – to wear for the life you live now – do please reach out, either by email at or via the contact form below.


We can progress things via Zoom or WhatsApp, or we can meet at a later date, for a private fitting and to meet the team.


Your clothes should be dependable life-long friends; we look forward to the prospect of giving them a new lease of life and being in touch on a personal level. 

What garments do you need help with?  Please give a brief description of each item, explaining the problems you have with each of them. If you have any requirements or thoughts – do include these and we will consider, along with our own ideas and suggestions when we come back to you.

Please bear in mind that we are not an alterations service. Have a look at our portfolio and our collection, as this will give you an idea of our ‘hybrid’ approach to garments, creating solutions for today’s more flexible lifestyles.

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